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Become one of our limited ëcke affiliates and earn a 30% commissions.

Why choose ëcke as one of your product portfolio?



Earn 30% on each sale:


Receive your commision each week via paypal or stripe services. Earn 30% for each sale, it never goes up or down. Period.

Don’t worry about shipping, we take care of it:


Concentrate on making sales, we take care of payments, shipping and inventory.


Track your performance through our own system:


Our system allows you to sign up in 2 minutes and have access to all the data you need to increase your performance. You don’t need to sign up through 3rd party services like ClickBank® and give up percentages of your commisions or follow strict guidelines.


Have a unique and desirable product to offer:


Be part of a very limited number of affiliate that have access to the ëcke affiliate program. Offer a unique product that almost no other affiliates offer which means limited competition and zero waisted PPC costs for you.


Offer a customizable product to your prospects:


What’s best than offering a unique, fully customizable product to your prospects while having to advertise for only one product? You don’t need to make countless ads or campaigns, tests and trials for multiple products, we have the one and only product that will boost your ROI.

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20 ads and banners for you to use right away:


Don’t worry about designing your own ads and banners, get straight to selling in 10 minutes. After being accepted, you will have access to over 20 creatives for ads, banners and newsletters.

Earn on sales from your own affiliates:


Bring your own affiliates and earn a 5% commision from their own sales, without lifting a finger.

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